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Deep in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales lies Fernbeck Recording Studios. Set amongst the  tranquil scenery of waterfalls, luscious greenery and grazing cattle, it provides the ideal environment for composing the music that this CD contains. you will find track one is most suitable for deep relaxation, where as track two with its slightly more upbeat sound is better for general unwinding.

The Haven Of Tranquility conjures up visions of a futuristic land with synthesized backing and a deep Saxophone lead accompanied by a light flute and percussive bell with mellow soothing undertones.

These relaxing sounds have been brought to you by the producer / composer, Mr. Paul Archie Bottomley. Already successful in this field, he has been involved in spoken word productions for occupational therapists in the NHS.

The Wellbeing range volumes 1 – 3 are uniquely different, and we are sure you will enjoy listening to them time and time again.

Produced & recorded at Fernbeck Recording Studios
ADD Digitally mastered ©

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