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VOICE: Debbie Fildew Harrogate Health Care Trust

Recorded by Fernbeck studios ADD Digitally Mastered ©

To gain most benefit from this Tape, it is advisable to practice it once a day. The relaxation techniques can be easily adapted for use in other situations. Side 1 of the Tape will lead you through an Autogenic Relaxation. This is a very simple technique that involves you focusing your mind on your body and initiating changes that effect the Autonomic nervous system leading to feelings such as increased warmth heaviness and relaxation. Many users have found the exercise beneficial in helping to alleviate migraine’s, high blood pressure and other vascular complaints.

Side 2 of the Tape goes through a series of exercises to help you relax. As with any exercise programme if you have physical problems or any doubts about the suitability of the exercise you are strongly advised to consult your G.P. or medical advisor.

When you are exercising you are aiming to stretch the muscles and to loosen the joints.These exercises need to be undertaken slowly and smoothly and should not cause pain although some stiffness may be expected if you do not exercise regularly. It is also a useful type of relaxation if you suffer with arthritis as no stress is put on the joints, providing you follow the instructions.


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