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VOICE: Tania Tulloch Head Occupational Therapist DIP COT Harrogate Health Care NHS Trust

Side one not to be played whilst driving or during any activity which requires considerable attention.

Since qualifying as an Occupational Therapist, Tania has worked almost exclusively in the Mental Health field. She has developed a special interest in Stress management and has identified key components in Relaxation Therapy.

On this Tape Tania has adapted her own experience using physiological methods and including positive imaging techniques. These techniques can be transferred into all aspects of daily life. Relaxation is a result of carefully selected orders.

We recommend that to get maximum benefit from the relaxation Tape, try to identify a 20 minute period daily, preferably not straight after meals. We suggest that you lie down in a comfortable position with a pillow under your head. All the directions are transferable into other situations and help to continue to promote an easing of tension.

This Tape enables the listener to be talked through the stages of relaxation whilst the music plays in the background. Side 2 on the tape plays the music alone enabling the listener to play the music in any situation whilst promoting the feeling of relaxation through association.

Recorded by Fernbeck studios
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